Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Has Announced: Everything You Need To Know!

  Samsung last year introduced the Galaxy Fold, the brand's first foldable smartphone. Today it unveiled the official follow-up to that phone at its Galaxy Unpacked case, the confusingly called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. 

The latest "Z" part of the name is possibly a reference to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, another foldable smartphone that has received more critical acclaim than the Galaxy Fold and a stronger commercial response. With the fiasco surrounding the release of the original Fold, Samsung obviously chose the name to more closely link this new phone to the popular Galaxy Z Flip.

 At its August 5 Unpacked event , the company confirmed the existence of the latest foldable phone, but did not provide much in detail – we've listed everything we know so far below.

Cut to the chase:


What is it, then? Newest foldable Samsung phone

When are they out? 2 September is the date believed to be on sale

How much does it cost? Samsung didn't say anything, but estimated to be about £1,980/$1,900 / AU$2,900

That said, let's plunge into what the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has to bring!



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: A Design Overhaul

Generally speaking, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 works much like the Galaxy Fold. The system looks like an extremely thick "natural" smartphone in its closed state, with a touchscreen, a front-facing camera, etc .. You open the system like a book, revealing the internal monitor foldable. This helps you to quickly switch from a tablet-like interface to a smartphone.

However, Samsung made some major changes to the specification with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The outer and inner displays are, for a start, larger than what we saw on the Galaxy Fold. In particular the 6.2-inch outer display covers much of the phone's front. This is a strong contrast to the tiny outer view on the original Fold. Also, the big notch on the 7.6-inch internal monitor is gone, with a monitor cutout taking over. Just like we saw it on the Galaxy Z Turn, this is. The internal monitor does have a refresh rate of 120Hz, however, which is a good improvement.

The interior monitor is covered with ultra-thin glass (UTG), which should make it more durable than the original Galaxy Fold plastic cover. This was a big issue for the Galaxy Fold, if you can recall, and a major reason the launch was such a mess.

Within you can find a battery of 4,500mAh which is significantly larger than the one in the Galaxy Fold. There was also a complete redesign of the rear camera module, with the latest version looking more like what we see on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.

As with the original Fold, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a side-mounted fingerprint reader, an in-bottom USB-C slot, and no headphone jack. There will be two colours for the foldable: Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. Eventually there will also be a Thom Browne version showcasing the famous fashion brand 's iconic red, white , and blue aesthetic.

When the phone is folded it has a 6.2-inch front screen with a 'punch-hole' cut-out in the top centre for a selfie camera, and this time it's a full-screen display, unlike the original Fold, which had a large chin and bezel.

The monitor is 7.6 inches when unfolded, with another selfie snapper 'punch-hole' to the right of the screen. At least one device has a refresh rate of 120Hz, but Samsung did not specify which one-or both.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Release Date And Price

While Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Fold 2 is on its way, pricing has not been revealed, so we can not say exactly how it compares with its predecessors Yes, but we'd expect it to be costly – the original Fold cost $1,980 / GBP1,900 / AU$2,900 for context, and we'd expect this new system to cost a similar amount, and possibly more.

The good news is that early leaks say that the price eventually goes down , making the latest foldable a much more enticing proposition.

We don't even know a release date for Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, but considering that the first Fold was released about half a year after it was revealed, we wouldn't suggest that you hold your breath for it. Rumors say September 2 is the major pre-order day, with the telephone on sale as of September 18.

As we said, there is a launch event for just the Fold happening on Tuesday, September 1, so we're hoping to find out then both the price and release date – and you can pre-register for the phone on Samsung 's website now, if you want updates on the phones.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 : Specs And Features

In all regions, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be 5G-compatible-the initial Fold was in some regions but not others.

Samsung has outlined the hinge mechanism that was reshaped from the original. Apparently Samsung has taken inspiration from vacuum cleaners, adding tiny bristles to keep the hinge clean and free of dirt and dust, even if you're not going to see them as they're located inside the hinge.

It has a 4,500mAh battery, which in a regular smartphone would be a decent size for a power pack, but if you find yourself using the big screen much it may not last a full day.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Other Unknown Details

Samsung has not released any other details about specifications, pricing or availability for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Instead, on September 1 , 2020, it committed itself to providing more information about the launch specifics. This is when pre-orders start.

Rumors say the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 would be close to that of the initial Fold 's nearly $2,000 price. We are going to have to wait and see what Samsung has in mind.



Latest News For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2:

Before that, though, at least one Z Fold 2 seems to have made it into the wild, since a Chinese YouTube channel has already posted a description of the coming foldable (via SamMobile).

I don't speak Chinese, so I can't tell you what the reviser is saying. And there are a couple more interesting tidbits worthy of notice.

Even the internal screen is having a good update. It is not just a 7.6-inch screen, up from the Fold's 7.3-inch plate, but the Z Fold 2 hole-punch camera appears to be less distracting than the whole corner devoted to housing the cameras on the original Fold.

One really cool new feature: it looks like you're going to be able to use the front display of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 as a viewfinder for the back cameras that could make the Z Fold 2 very useful to vloggers, or ideal for high-quality selfie. You couldn't do that with the first Fold, so far as I can tell (if so, you'd think Samsung needs to show that in one of these videos on how to use the Fold 's camera), so that feature alone could be a big improvement for some.

The Z Fold 2's "Flex Mode," a feature Samsung brought over from its phone-like flip Galaxy Z Flip that lets you view different content on each screen using one side of the phone as a stand.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that when the Z Fold 2 is fully unfolded, you will still be able to see a visible crease down the middle of the panel, although The frame is coated with ultra-thin glass, rather than the first Fold plastic. (Although the Z Flip is nice, it also uses ultra-thin glass, and has a crease as well)

That's all we know so far.



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