Huawei Mate X2: Everything You Need To Know About It

Huawei 's latest folding smartphone will be similar to the Huawei Mate X Galaxy Fold Bending smartphone that is not yet on sale, but the network already has appeared rumors about the development of the second revision of the device under the code name Mate X2. Welcome to Discover Manatee, In February 2019, Samsung showed off its first commercial mobile with a flexible Galaxy Fold display. In turn, Huawei brought a similar device,the Mate X, to the MWC 2019.

Earlier this year Huawei launched the Mate X and we even got a chance to play with it for a bit. The organisation is actually aiming for a launch in October so the R&D department is already turning its focus to its successor. A Huawei patent, filed with USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) features such as the Mate X, but with a flat stylus pocket, was labelled with.

Huawei is now planning for the second version of a foldable smartphone called Huawei Mate X2, after the successful launch of Mate X. The smartphone is supposed to see their official launch in Q3 2020 somewhere around. While the timeframe for the launch is still months away, the leaks and details have begun circulating across the internet. A new patent has appeared online revealing some of the device's core details alongside its design.

Huawei is expected to proceed with the launch of its 2020 flagship Mate series models in the second half of this year amid increasing pressure from the US. The Mate X2 foldable smartphone is also scheduled to be unveiled by the tech giant. Speaking of the Mate X2, the foldable device's unofficial renders have appeared online.

This is not the first time we hear of a foldable Huawei smartphone with an inward folding display, since the Chinese tech giant filed a patent with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) back in January for this design.

A video that revealed an early 3D model of the future foldable new Huawei Mate X2 appeared on the Web back in February of this year. Now Ross Young, the well-known author of reliable leaks, has started talking about the smartphone features in stages. According to him, the video shows the device's architecture, screen size and other things very accurately, such as the built-in S-Pen stylus and an external mini-monitor for status display and alerts. Samsung and BOE will be suppliers of versatile OLED panels, the insider stressed.

Huawei's sketches to EUIPO revealed that the foldable smartphone would have a stylus slot, with a total of six cameras-four at the back and two at the front, positioned on the vertical sidebar, which is also home to the secondary display.

Huawei Mate X2: Name

Huawei is reportedly planning its third foldable smartphone amid its impending troubles with chipsets. Although the Mate name is likely to be kept, the product does not match anything we've seen before from the firm.

Last year the company launched Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone and now the successor to the phone is among the most awaited smartphones. Huawei is expected to add some new features and updates to its Mate X2 smartphone.

Huawei Mate X2: Information About The Release

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has postponed the release of its smartphone with a flexible screen, the Mate X. Today there is information that the company is already working on a new folding device. The main difference of this device from the Mate X is the operation of the folding mechanism. If Mate X “bends” outward so that both parts of the screen remain open, then the gadget shown on the renderers works more like a Samsung Galaxy Fold - like a notebook or you can call it a mini laptop.

Officially, Huawei has not said anything about plans to create a successor to Mate X. Last week it was announced that its launch would be postponed, as the company decided to make sure that the smartphone would not face Galaxy Fold problems. Which was really great news for their customers.

Huawei Mate X2: Design

The renders seemed to be scooped out of a fan-generated video rendering of what would look like the Mate X2. The version is apparently based on an earlier patent for foldable phone design that Huawei submitted. Industry insider Ross Young (@DSSC) sharing the renders says the Mate X2 architecture isn't that different from the renders.

One of the major design changes announced for the Mate X2 foldable smartphone is that the next-generation model will come with an inward folding panel, instead of the outward folding version of the original model.

The inward folding design would also cause Huawei to reconsider the Mate X2 camera layout, requiring the company to use a cover monitor when folded. This could boost the device's cost even more. And then the hinge is in there. That proved to be the Achilles heel of the Galaxy Fold and it's a dilemma that Huawei will have to fix too.

The folding screen inside has minimal bezels and can turn part way into laptop mode. As the name suggests, in this mode the monitor will be split into two separate features, one as the keyboard and the other as a regular landscape monitor. The entire screen is estimated to measure at 8.03-inch, the same as the Mate X original.

Huawei Mate X2: Display

Now the company is all set to start production of the display panel from September this year, i.e. next month, in the latest development related to the Huawei Mate X2. It was also announced that the screen size remains the same as its predecessor, with a resolution of 2480 x 2220 pixels at 8.03-inches.

The South Korean giant offered a screen that is wrapped inside, the Chinese installed a flexible matrix on the outer surface of the smartphone. Perhaps in the case of Huawei Mate X2, the company will offer a display that folds inward. A report from the same source said two days ago that the foldable display concept will now fold inwards and that the panels will be made from Samsung and BOE. In addition, it will not use the UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) technology from Samsung, and will rely on the CPI (Colorless Polyimide).

When folded, the display is inside, on the right side there is a tray for sim cards and a separate key, the functional purpose of which is not indicated. Whether it comes to the commercial implementation of the patent is unknown. With Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 5 G already out, Huawei is expected in the coming months to announce its own foldable 2020 flagship. And a credible source reports that, when unfolded, the display size would be the same as on the previous Mate X, measuring 8.03 "in diagonal.

Reports suggest that the 8.3-inch CPI (Transparent Polyamide) panels will be supplied by Samsung Display to Huawei in Q3 2020, with a sales target of 300,000. Style tweak, however, will come with its own set of problems. While reportedly the Mate X2 will use Samsung and BOE panels, Ultra Thin Glass will not be shown in the Mate X2. So the Mate X2 screen may be less sturdy than Samsung's recent foldable, even with the inward fold covering the display when not in use.

It seems from the leaked photos that we might get an additional display panel on the vertical strip that houses the camera sensors as well. Although nothing related to this smartphone has been disclosed by the company, some main details have leaked off online.

Huawei Mate X2: Camera

The Mate X2 foldable smartphone will come with a quad-camera system with a 40 MP main sensor, an ultra-wide 40 MP sensor, a 12 MP telephoto lens and a ToF sensor. It will have features such as 3x optical zoom, and OIS support.

Huawei Mate X2 smartphone is fitted with an OLED display. The panel has a resolution of 1148 x 2480 pixels and a density of 408 ppi. The buyers get a 10 MP Main Camera 8 MP camera on the front and on the rear there's a 48MP + 16MP + 8MP with features including Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face Detection, Focus Touch. It is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, NFC and more are features of in-smartphone networking.

If that's the case then in the camera department we 're looking at major changes. For those unaware, the original Mate X came with a triple rear camera module, thanks to the foldable feature, which is also used for selfies.

Huawei Mate X2: Specs

Multiple memory variants such as 8 GB RAM with 128 GB storage, 12 GB RAM with 256 GB storage, and 16 GB RAM with 512 GB storage are planned for the system to come in. It's also said to be powered by a 6,000mAh battery that supports 65W fast charging.

Huawei Mate X2 smartphone runs on Android v10 (Q) operating system. The phone is powered by Octa core (2.86 GHz , Dual core, Cortex A76 + 2.09 GHz, Dual core, Cortex A76 + 1.86 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A55) processor. It runs on a 990 chipset HiSilicon Kirin. It has 8 GB of internal storage, and 512 GB external disc.

Huawei Mate X2: Stylus Pen And 5G

The patent also shows the inclusion of stylus support, in inclusion to cameras. Indeed the stylus is located in the vertical sidebar. Users will be able to navigate over Mate X2 's screen much like the Galaxy Note list. Using stylus falls in line with the proprietary concept beforehand. Finally, you might note the slightly curved corners in the predecessor which is not present.

Unfortunately the patent did not provide any details about the device's internal hardware. We should certainly expect support for the 5 G networking. It is also worth noting that filing for the patent does not guarantee that it will become a reality for the company.

The Mate X2 camera module is located on the side of the body's protruding portion, which is built to fit not only camera sensors but also an inside stylus. According to the leak a stylus pen would also be on board. The phone will have a pocket where the stylus pen will be placed. There will be an additional narrow screen under the camera modules which will display the time, weather, notifications and other information.

Huawei Mate X2: Some Tweets

An industry insider believes Huawei is releasing an inward folding handset, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 from Samsung.

  • The show, when unfolded, may be identical in size to the Mate X.
  • The revised design is allegedly due to high associated costs and poor yields.

The so-called Huawei Mate X2 would fold inwards like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 and not outward like the Huawei Mate X and Mate XS, according to a tweet by display industry insider Ross Young. This contradicts previous January reports based on patents filed by Huawei.

In another tweet, Young mentions that the panel stretches 8.03-inches long, matching the Mate X but significantly larger than its Samsung equivalent of 7.7-inches.

So why a rework of Huawei's design philosophy? For starters, though making for a more functional phone when folded, the exterior folding design leaves the fragile display more vulnerable to damage. Young says Huawei 's outward folding system was too costly and that yields were "not good." Huawei allegedly lost tens of millions on the Mate XS, presumably owing to its price tag of ~$2,400.

Huawei Mate X2: Chipset And Introduction To The Market

Nothing else is known about the Huawei Mate X2, but there are a few educated guesses we can bring forward about its specifications. It could share the Kirin 1000 chipset with the Huawei Mate 40, depending on its launch date. US regulations have also suffocated Huawei 's supply of chipsets, so we can see entirely different silicon making their bow within the foldable. But plan to cost the Mate X2 a pretty penny. Huawei plans to arrive only at affordable foldables by 2022.

The message that was published by a well-known insider LetsGoDigital and a Twitter profile called Mukul Sharma about the preparation of the new system He also appended several renders of the intended system to his twitter. The blogger himself expressed the opinion that this could be a prototype of the Huawei Mate X2 Last summer.

Huawei filed a patent application for a smartphone, which is very similar to Mate X and has a side panel for cameras. Apparently, several image sensors were combined into one module. The case itself is metallic and offers smoothed corners.

Now the company is faced with the task of introducing the Huawei Mate X to the market and avoiding the wave of negativity that has befallen the Samsung Galaxy Fold and there is still uncertainty whether the new product will come out with an Android Pie or whether the company will have to take an even longer timeout in order to adapt the flexible mobile phone to work with the proprietary OS Hongmeng.

Huawei Mate X2: Some Last Words

Huawei is expected to continue to launch its Mate 40 series of flagships despite the strong US restrictions. Also expected to unveil the Chinese phone maker 's Mate X2 foldable later this year and new sketches have appeared online showing us exactly what to expect.

Huawei could patent the concept to shield it from being replicated by other companies ready to enter the foldable world. Using a stylus isn't news for Huawei though-it already provides the M-Pen for tonnes of tablets and smartphones, including the 20 X Huawei Pal.

Having said that, talking strongly about the Huawei Mate X2 concept is still pretty early. In the coming months we should be seeing more details coming our way. If so, we'll certainly update you no matter what. There's a fair enough chance Huawei will eventually change the whole design in the future. Information on requirements are not yet available, although reports are likely to emerge in the coming months.

Maybe what should concern you most about the Mate X2 is that you can fold the computer halfway and use it in a laptop mode. The screen is divided into two in this mode-one acts as the display and the other as the keyboard input. But according to the leaks it can not work faster and tougher like a laptop.

Circling back to Blass 's tweet, the leakster revealed the names of upcoming Huawei products along with their code names in his post. The Mate X2 is Teton while the next-gen Nova and the Y9a are Jessica / Barbie and Franklin, respectively. Rumored device specifications include a screen size of 8.03-inch when completely opened. This is comparable in scale to the Mate X.

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